Student Services

Student Services

Barberton City Schools
633 Brady Avenue
Barberton, Ohio 44203

Mr. Ryan Hartzell
Director of Student Services
Phone: 330-753-1025 ext. 13127
Fax Line: 330-848-8726

Special Education / Academic Coach
Phone: 330-753-1025 ext. 13150
Fax Line: 330-848-8726


Mrs. Diane Kiss
Student Services Secretary
Phone 330-753-1025 ext 13103
Fax line: 330-848-8726

Assistant EMIS Coordinator
Phone: 330-753-1025 ext 13042
Fax line: 330-848-8726

Services and Programs

New to Barberton City Schools?

Enrollment Process:
To enroll your child in the Barberton City Schools, you will need to provide the following:
1) Proof of Barberton residency,
2) Proof of child’s date of birth,
3) Your child’s up-to-date immunization records, and
4) Your child’s social security card.
5) Divorce and/or custody papers, if applicable.

If your child previously attended school in Barberton and if previous records are on file, you may need only to provide proof of residency and an updated immunization record. Proof of residency may be verified by a rental contract or mortgage agreement or any utility bill. In lieu of any one of these, any two of the following are acceptable: a driver’s license, a health card, a court document, a voter registration card, a police report, a bank statement, a pay stub, a hospital bill, a draft registration card or a credit card bill. Proof of date of birth may be verified by a birth certificate, baptismal record, or hospital birth record.
At the elementary and middle school levels, students may be placed in classes after registration is completed and prior to the receipt of records from the previous school(s). Some students who have special needs or program requirements may be required to wait for special placement until school and/or medical records are received.

For students enrolling in Barberton High School, all grades and credits earned beginning with the ninth grade, including grades in progress for the current school year, must be received before your child is scheduled for classes. An appointment with a guidance counselor is required prior to scheduling classes. This assures that your child receives appropriate credit for classes he/she has taken at his/her previous school and that he/she is scheduled for classes accordingly. Any questions regarding enrollment for Barberton High School should be directed to the Guidance Office secretary at (330)753-1084, Ext. 5050. Should you have any questions about enrollment, please contact your child’s school.

Special Education:
The Barberton City School District offers a full continuum of special education services to all students who are eligible for such services under federal and state guidelines. Special education services are available for eligible students between the ages of three (3) and twenty-one (21). To qualify for services students must meet eligibility criteria set forth by the State of Ohio.
Depending on the individual needs of the students involved, special education services may be provided within the district in the following ways: support intervention in the regular classroom, supplemental intervention in a small group (1-3 students) or placement in a part-time or full time special education class.

Districts within the compact (Copley-Fairlawn, Norton or Wadsworth) may provide these services if unavailable internally. The extent of special education services and the location of delivery are determined by the Individual Education Program Team and are based on the students identified needs through the completion of a Multifactored Evaluation.

Parents having a concern that their child has a disability should contact the building principal and ask for an Intervention Assistance Team meeting to discuss their concerns. Additional information regarding special education services, confidentiality and parent rights may be obtained by contacting the building principal or the Director of Student Services.

Gifted and Talented Services:
All Ohio schools are required to screen and identify gifted students in grades K-12. Students can be identified in four areas: superior cognitive, specific academic (reading/writing, mathematics, social studies and science) creative thinking, and the visual and performing arts (art, music, dance and drama). Parents and teachers may refer students for assessment.
Referral forms are available in the office of each school building or by calling the Gifted and Talented Office at 330-848-4241 extension 19132 or 19131.

English As A Second Language:
Pullout instruction is available for students that qualify for services whose native language is not English. Please contact your building principal for assistance.

Work Permits:
The state requires all students under eighteen (18) years of age to obtain a work permit in order to work. Applications may be obtained at the high school. The employer, parent, and doctor must complete the three sections of the form. The student must return in person with the completed form to the Student Services Office to have the permit processed. Office hours are 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

A transcript is a record of a student's four years of high school (grades 9, 10, 11 and 12) and contains the student's final grades, grade point average (GPA), class rank, immunizations, SAT/DAT scores and proficiency or OGT test scores.  All transcripts are kept on microfilm and date back to the first graduating class of 1896. Requests for the release of transcripts may be made in writing or by stopping in person at the Student Services Office, located in the Administration Building. No transcript is released via telephone request. A person who makes an in-person request for a transcript must authorize its release by signing a “Release of Information” form.
When a transcript request is made in writing, it is necessary for the requestor to provide the name used when he/she was in school attendance, the year of graduation, the address where the transcript is to be sent, and the requestor’s signature. It is necessary for females to provide a maiden name when applicable. A person cannot request the transcript of another person, (e.g., wife for husband or vice versa, parent for a student 18 years of age or older), unless the person provides a written, signed request from the person whose name is on the transcript.
Parents cannot obtain records or transcripts on a child who has reached 18 years of age without written, signed permission of the child.
Transcripts will not be released if there is an outstanding obligation to any of the Barberton schools. All outstanding fees must be paid at the school holding the obligation, and the Department of Student Services must be notified of payment before a transcript will be released.
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