Board of Education

Board of Education

Barberton City School District Board of Education Members

Tina Ludwig, Member          Megann Eberhart, Member
Pat Boyle, Member          Dave Polacek, President          Thomas Harnden, Vice President

Duties of the Board of Education

The Board’s duties include the following:
  1. Adopting an annual budget and appropriation measures.
  2. Exercising its taxing power to provide funds for the operation of the district.
  3. Considering and passing upon the recommendations of the Superintendent in all matters of policy, appointment or dismissal of employees, salary schedules or other personnel regulations, courses of study, selection of textbooks, or other matters pertaining to the welfare of schools.
  4. Informing the public concerning the progress and needs of the schools, and to solicit and weigh public opinion as it affects the schools.

Terms of the Board of Education

Board members are elected at large for four-year terms. A member may serve unlimited consecutive terms.  
Board members are elected according to a schedule that staggers their term expiration dates. Officers serve a term of one year, and may be re-elected.

Meetings of the Board of Education

2022 Board Meeting Dates

The Board sets meeting dates in January for the entire calendar year.  All meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm unless otherwise noted.  Meetings will be held at the Administration Building, 633 Brady Avenue, unless otherwise noted.

January 12, 2022 Re-Organizational Mtg
Administration Bldg
January 26, 2022Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
February 9, 2022Work SessionBMS
February 23, 2022Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
March 9, 2022Work SessionBEE
March 22, 2022 (Tuesday)**Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
April 13, 2022 ***CANCELLEDWork SessionBEW
April 27, 2022Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
May 11, 2022Work SessionAdministration Bldg
May 25, 2022Regular MeetingA150
June 8, 2022Work SessionAdministration Bldg
June 30, 2022 (Thursday)Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
July 27, 2022Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
August 10, 2022Special Meeting****Administration Bldg****
August 24, 2022Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
September 14, 2022***** CANCELLEDWork SessionBPS
September 28, 2022***** September 29, 2022 (Thursday)
Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
October 12, 2022Work SessionBMS
October 26, 2022Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
November 13, 2022 (Sunday)*Board RetreatTBA
November 22, 2022 (Tuesday)Regular MeetingAdministration Bldg
December 14, 2022Regular MeetingBHS
*updated 2/24/2022
**updated 3/7/2022
***updated 4/6/2022
****updated 8/1/2022
*****updated 9/12/2022

Notification of the meetings are sent to the Akron Beacon Journal and the Barberton Herald. The public is welcome. Residents of the Barberton School District may address the Board on school matters during time set aside for public participation at the Regular Board meetings.

Barberton City Schools Strategic Plan

Vision: Barberton City Schools ... Building a Better Barberton...One Student at a Time!  
Mission: Meeting each child where they are at and growing them year to year until they are on one of three pathways - Enrolled, Enlisted, Employed. 
The Board of Education determined in 2019 that there was a need to continue the strategic planning process that would lead the school district through the years 2020-2025. There are many uses for district funds that are not optional when running a school district, but there are also programs, staff and facility improvements that are optional, and the community should be given the opportunity to voice an opinion.
At the heart of this plan are the students of Barberton. The Barberton City School District feels strongly that they are entrusted to provide the best educational opportunities to its students, as evidenced in the Beliefs, Mission and Vision Statements.
The Board of Education would like to thank all of the dedicated staff, students, parents and community members who gave their time and talents in order to complete this plan. We welcome further comments and suggestions from them and other stakeholders who were not involved in the original process. Please email these comments to Superintendent Jeffrey Ramnytz or send to his attention at Office of the Superintendent, 633 Brady Avenue., Barberton, OH 44203. 

Bylaws and Policies

BCSD Virtual Meetings

Board of Education Meeting Agendas

Regular Meeting 9-29-2022
Regular Mtg 8-24-2022
Special Mtg 8-10-2022
Regular Mtg 7-27-2022
Regular Meeting 6-30-2022
Special Mtg 6-15-2022
Regular Mtg 5-25-2022
Special Mtg 5-11-2022
Reg Mtg 4-27-2022
Work Session 3-9-2022
Brd Retreat 3-2-2022
Reg Mtg 2-23-2022
Special Mtg 2-9-2022
Regular Meeting 1-26-2022
Re-Organizational Meeting 1-12-2022

Board of Education Meeting Minutes

Special Mtg 8-10-2022
Reg Mtg 7-27-2022
Record's Commission 7-27-2022
Regular Meeting 6-30-2022
Special Meeting 6-15-2022
Regular Meeting 5-25-2022
Special Meeting 5-11-2022
Regular Meeting 4-27-2022
Regular Meeting 3-22-2022
Wk Session Mtg 3-9-2022
Brd Retreat Min 3-2-2022
Reg Mtg Min 2-23-2022
Special Mtg 2-9-2022
Reg Mtg 1-26-2022
Re-Organizational Mtg 1-12-2022
Reg Mtg 12-8-2021
Public Hearing 12-8-2021

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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