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District Profile

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Barberton City Schools

Empowering our students to take on the future with character, confidence and hard work.


It's not just a slogan. It's the real, action-based philosophy of the entire community preparing children to thrive in a competitive world. And it’s a journey that begins in Barberton City Schools.

We are ALL Magics

We live in a culture with lots of divisions. You see it on the news and on social media every day. That’s why it’s great to come to a place every day where we can all say together: We are ALL Magics! We celebrate and respect our differences by taking diversity and inclusion seriously. This helps us appreciate the great thing we have in common even more: We are ALL Magics!

Strong Futures Start in Barberton

Where Schools and Community Prepare Students to Thrive

Supportive Schools

The Barberton City School District offers academic, athletic and arts programs that give each student the opportunity to grow in knowledge, confidence and integrity.

We offer specialized services for ALL grades and ALL children, including gifted and accelerated programs beginning in 3rd grade. Plus, FREE after-school tutoring includes FREE busing.

Our many services and extracurricular activities also empower students to be ready for the real world whether they choose college, work or service to our country. 

Caring Community

The Barberton City School District is proud to be in a community that cares so much about its children.

Businesses and organizations sponsor programs that inspire growth, learning and good citizenship. They include the Barberton Community Foundation, the Kiwanis, the YMCA, the Barberton Library, the businesses that provide training to Four Cities Educational Compact, and many more. This shows that Barberton is a community that believes in our children by supporting our schools.

We are grateful to organizations and individuals whose contributions benefit the Magic City Kiwanis Esther Ryan Shoe Fund, which provides students with safe and warm footwear. The Ben Curtis Family Foundation addresses food insecurity by giving Birdie Bags filled with meals, snacks and toiletries to students. 

School Safety & Anti-Bullying

Every child deserves a safe, secure place to learn. That’s why we strive for a learning environment with guidelines for responsible, respectful behavior. Even during remote learning, these following principles were taught to all students:


The district follows best practices from leading health agencies to keep our schools safe. We have also make sure every student has a Chromebook laptop computer to keep up with studies.


Bullying is not tolerated at Barberton schools and this is made evident through posters, stickers and the way we teach. We encourage students to call out bullying behavior. Students and families can rest assured, Barberton schools puts a stop to any bullying behavior right away.


Every morning, our students pledge to be responsible, respectful, safe and ready to learn. If they see something that’s dangerous or disrespectful, they are encouraged to tell an adult. We promise our students that we will listen – and we do.


Students can achieve their best work when they are focused - this is why every school building in the district has a School Resource Officer (SRO), providing safety and positive interactions with the police in the community.

Great Beginnings in Barberton

Starting Strong

We believe that when you start smart, it builds a strong foundation for learning that stays with children throughout their entire education. Give your 3-to-5-year-old child the environment to explore, discover, socialize and build confidence with Barberton! 

Our preschoolers acquire the skills and development needed to prepare them for the Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Our preschoolers also start preparing for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee Mandate. As parents, you can take comfort in knowing our preschool teachers have all earned licenses from the state of Ohio.


Our kindergartners are welcomed with a special t-shirt featuring their graduation year. Our certified teachers provide a multi-faceted learning environment complete with experiential field trips–preparing them academically and socially from the very beginning. We prioritize working hard and being kind to your peers!

We hope to meet with you soon! Kindergarten registration happens in the spring.

Barberton Primary and Intermediate

Barberton primary and intermediate schools provide a rock solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. The Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Assessment helps us immediately begin to pave a path to success for each student. This has led to strong performances by our 3rd graders meeting the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. As they build skills, Barberton primary and intermediate students also learn other essentials – such as receiving free swimming lessons in the 2nd Grade Water Safety Program provided by the YMCA and supported by the Barberton Community Foundation. 

Exposure to the arts builds character and imagination, so Barberton elementary students attend shows at Magical Theatre Company, NE Ohio’s only professional children’s theater, inspiring many of them to participate in our choir and theater activities.

The Journey Continues

Barberton Middle School
Academic Accomplishments

Barberton Middle School won the Momentum Award (2015) from the Ohio State Board of Education, making it one of the only schools in the state to meet and exceed grade-level expectations in reading and math. 

Barberton Middle School students receive exciting, challenging science and technology instruction that continues their preparation for higher education and the modern workplace.

The Power of Practice in the Arts and Athletics
Middle school students also begin to enjoy the rewards of practicing their music lessons, and the thrill of teamwork in band performances and athletics. 

Public Service
Through the Kiwanis, middle school students build leadership and citizenship skills in community service projects.

Gateway to the Future

Barberton High School

On this leg of the journey, our students are not “running on E” but on what we call the Three E’s. Barberton Schools prepare our young adults to be “enrolled, employed or enlisted” – off to college, working in a trade or serving our country.

The 3 E’s also align with the Ohio Department of Education’s Graduation Pathways. One is based on curriculum only and the other combines curriculum with the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal. Most seniors satisfy requirements for the curriculum-only pathway. To earn the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal, students must demonstrate professional skills that translate to success in the workplace.

Barberton High School offers challenging, rewarding programs and initiatives that prime our students for successful lives after graduation:

Students engage in advanced tech studies. Barberton High School’s S.T.E.M lab features 3D printers. Students even designed low-cost functional prosthetic hands that will be given to children in need around the world, a story featured on Cleveland’s Fox 8 News.

Prepared and Professional

The 4 Cities Compact
Barberton and neighboring districts work together to offer programs for employment in business, medical, tech, public safety, manufacturing and other industries. High school students graduate qualified for solid jobs!

Early College + College Credit Plus

Barberton students participated in the Early College Program and Ohio’s College Credit Plus* (CCP) programs. Both enable students to take college-level classes and earn credits for college. During the school year, Barberton High School students completed 1,353 college credit hours at the University of Akron and Stark State College. These classes are free, saving Barberton families more than $68,500.00.


The Barberton Community Foundation demonstrates support for hard-working high school students by awarding nearly $300,000 in scholarships every year (2023 report).

Do Your Job – an original district program – teaches 10 skills beginning with pre-k students that we believe make EVERY student more employable, including:

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Analytical and problem-solving skills
  4. Personal management skills
  5. Interpersonal effectiveness
  6. Computer/technical literacy
  7. Leadership/management skills
  8. Learning skills
  9. Academic competence in reading and math
  10. Strong work values

The Road Ahead

There is no “end of the road” in a Barberton education, only crossroads to exciting places: college, trade careers, service to country and more.

Some will stay, deepen their roots and continue the best Barberton traditions while creating new ones for the next generation to cherish. Others move on, bringing the best of Barberton with them. Our children will follow their own paths, but it will always lead back to a community that values education and character. Most of all, Barberton schools give every child an opportunity to discover and grow their gifts and talents.

Barberton is just the beginning of the road to their future success!

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