Transportation Department

Transportation Department

Barberton City Schools Transportation Department
Bus Garage
425 Morgan Street
Barberton, Ohio 44203
Transportation Supervisor
Phone: 330-753-1025 ext 13141
Fax Line: 330-780-2032

Transportation Coordinator 
Phone: 330-753-1025 ext 13143
Fax Line: 330-780-2032

Bus Route Information Line: 330-753-1025  ext. 13141.
Please call this number if you have transportation questions.


This year we are excited to announce that parents, guardians, and students will be able to directly and securely access their bus stop information online using the eLink program.  We will no longer send out paper bus passes for most students. We will send out bus passes only to kindergarten, preschool, and private school students. Simply follow these steps to find your bus information on your smartphone, tablet, or computer:
  1. Click this link. (also available on the Parent and Family Dropdown Menu of
  2. For user ID, enter the student ID number. This is the same number students enter to buy their lunches and use to access school computers. If you do not know your student ID, please contact your school office for this info; the transportation department does not have student id numbers.
  3. For the password, enter the student’s birthday in this format: mmddyyyy. For example, 04182000
  4. When prompted to create a new password, enter the birthday again when it says “Enter old password.” Create a new password that you will remember, and write it down. You’ll then be asked to provide your email address and other security information to retrieve your password in the future. 
  5.  In the menu at the top left of the page, select “Students” then “View my Students”
  6. You should now see a screen with your student’s name. Click on that and you will see your bus stop information.  If you do not see any information, then most likely your student is not eligible for transportation. 
  7. Click on the links to the right to download and view the rules for the bus.  If students do not follow these rules, they could lose their riding privileges. So, make sure to read them carefully and follow them; they are for the students’ own safety.

For transportation questions, call 330-753-1025 x13141. DO NOT CALL THE TRANSPORTATION OFFICE FOR STUDENT ID NUMBERS.  The transportation office does not have this information. Please contact your school for this information.

Bus service is provided to:

  • Kindergarten through twelfth grade Barberton City Schools students that live more than one mile from their schools.
  • Non-public Kindergarten through eighth grade children attending St. Augustine and St. Francis deSales schools that live more than one mile from their school.

School Bus Locations- According to regulations in the Ohio Pupil Transportation book, there are no restrictions as to the distance from home to your student's assigned bus stop. The law does not indicate that high school students have a certain mileage to walk to a designated bus stop. Therefore, while we are pleased to transport your child to and from Barberton City High School, the transportation department has made each bus route with 1 or 2 bus stops only. We understand that most bus riders will have to walk quite a distance to a bus stop if they wish to ride a bus. Thank you for your understanding. 

Safety Rules – Riding the Bus – Conduct on the Bus:

  • The school bus is an extension of the classroom and conduct should be similar. The bus driver is in charge. 
  • Students will be seated as directed by the driver and may be assigned seat.
  • Students need to be seated quickly upon entering the bus.
  • Students are expected to sit three in a seat, when needed.
  • Do not get out of your seat while the bus is moving. You may only switch seats with permission of the driver.
  • Only bring items aboard the bus you can hold in your lap.
  • Items not allowed in school are not allowed on the bus. This includes skateboards and roller blades.
  • Keep the bus aisles and emergency exits clear at all times.
  • No foul or inappropriate language is allowed.
  • Yelling, loud voices or horseplay is not permitted on the bus.
  • Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted.
  • Help keep the bus clean. Put all trash in the trash can.
  • You must get on and off at your designated bus stop.
Note: Parents of students doing damage to a school bus may be billed for the repair costs.



Polices, Procedures, and Guidelines for riding the bus.
Don't lost your riding privilege! Follow these rules!
As children attend school, it is important to know school bus safety rules.
Safe Days with Oliver Owl is a school bus safety activity book that is perfect for K-3 passengers.
Ohio Revised Code, Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules – July 2013
Ohio Revised Code, Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules – July 2013
Ohio Revised Code, Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules – July 2013
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