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Barberton Middle School News
BMS News from BMS Students

By: Taylor G.
BMS Student

Something new and interesting at the Barberton Middle School is what the fifth graders are doing in S.T.E.M! The school has started a new Robotic program. “The robots have to do with distance. They have a sensor about an inch from the table that you put it on,” said Mr. Kaser, the STEM teacher. These robots are brand new. Mr. Kaser also shared, “When you put the robot on the table you start to drive it. When the moving robot’s sensor is over the edge of the table it will stop because it knows that the distance from the floor and the table is different.” This is interesting because the 5th graders will have to do the math when they get the two different heights. So it isn’t just be fun for them because they will have to learn and apply math while using the robots. This is cool because when I was in fifth grade we didn’t have STEM. I wish I could have taken this class.

The whole reason for Robotic education is not to create robotic engineers, but to try to create deep thinkers who will consider complex problems and recognize that they usually cannot be solved in one attempt. The schools that use these systems are wanting the kids to think harder on what they are doing instead of barely using thought. They are young and they do not know what they will want to be later in life.

PTA Holiday Bazaar

The 3rd Annual Barberton PTA Holiday Bazaar is November 22, 2014 from 9 am - 3 pm at Barberton Middle School. We will have vendors, crafters, a fabulous raffle, and our Magics Main St. for all your purple pride needs! Best of all SANTA!!

Cost: $1 per adult,children 0-5 are free, all students are free, plus free parking!

Vendors are still being accepted. Contact Holly McInerney at 330-706-0315 or by email if you would like to rent a space. You may also click the here to access a copy of our rules and contract.

See you there!
Teen Advisory Board

Great opportunity to get involved in your local library! 
Ebola Update #3

October 16, 2014

From: Dr. Margo Erme, Medical Director

PIO: Donna Skoda, Assistant Health Commissioner

A Message for Parents Regarding Ebola

Akron, Ohio. At this time based on the information collected by Summit County Public
Health there is no known threat to the public’s health. Summit County Public Health is
not advocating for the closure of schools and the cancellation of events. However,
Summit County Public Health supports Akron Public Schools and their decision based
on their assessment of the situation.

Summit County Public Health has released a list of the top things parents need to know
about Ebola.

1. Your child is not at risk while attending school in Summit County
. A risk for
Ebola only comes when you come into close contact with a person suffering from
Ebola. The health care worker who passed through Summit County did not visit any
county schools.

2. Being near someone who is sick with Ebola doesn't mean you'll get infected.
disease isn't contagious like the flu or common cold. You have to be in contact with a
patient's body fluids or blood, and you have to have a break in your skin or have the
fluids touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

3. Ebola does not live long on surfaces or outside someone's body.
Soaps, detergents
and hand sanitizers are effective at killing the virus. Keeping your area clean and
washing your hands will help prevent infections.

4. You and your children are really only at risk if you have traveled to West
Africa, where Ebola is currently spreading.

5. There are currently no known cases of Ebola in Summit County or Ohio.
Ebola Update #2

October 16, 2014

Summit County Public Health and Summit County Emergency Management Agency are coordinating with all local law enforcement, fire, EMS, local hospitals, and government personnel to provide accurate and timely information. Attached is an information sheet on ebola. To date, no cases of ebola have been reported in Summit County. Summit County Public Health has set up an information line for citizens with concerns about ebola. The number for the information line is 330-926-3939.

Additional information and updates will be posted to the Summit County Public Health webpage.

Ebola Fact Sheet
Ebola Update #1

October 15, 2014

From: Dr. Margo Erme, Medical Director
PIO: Donna Skoda, Assistant Health Commissioner

Ebola Update #1

Akron, Ohio. At this time based on the information collected by Summit County Public Health, there is no known threat to the public’s health and therefore no reason to close schools or cancel events at this time. After preliminary investigation is appears as though the healthcare worker who had Ebola had limited social contacts outside of a small number of friends and family. Secondly, Summit County Public Health has not identified any public events or large public gatherings attended by the affected health care worker in Summit County or any surrounding counties. For further information, Summit County Public Health has established an information line at 330-926-3939. This local Ebola information line will be staffed from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. until further notice.
For additional information please call the above number.
News from our School Nurses

In light of Ebola being on the local news with a connection to Akron, we would like you to know of the number to call if you have questions. Please call the Call Center at Summit County Public Health - 330-926-3939. The Call Center will be taking calls until 9:00 pm on October 15 and again the days after.
BMS News from BMS Students

By: Krystiana F
BMS Student

Positive student rewards is a new initiative at Barberton Middle School in which students get rewarded for being respectful. The rewards are a great way to get students to start doing more respectful things than usual. Mrs. Hance, a 6th grade math teacher at BMS said “In order to promote positive behavior throughout the building, teachers, administrators and all adults are acknowledging all of the good things the students are doing.” By acknowledging all of the good things the students are doing the teachers are triggering other students to do good things as well. “Students who display behaviors that model respect receive a ticket. The students put their first and last name on the ticket and put them in their grade level box. Names are drawn on Friday for prizes.” The reward system will also persuade students to do better things throughout the school day. I believe that the positive student rewards motive is an awesome way to bring out the good in the students at Barberton Middle School. This new program is officially called PBIS and is a state initiative schools are being asked to incorporate at all building levels. We are excited about our strong program at BMS!

I personally know a student who has received a positive student reward ticket for helping someone pick up their things when they fell in the hallway. After seeing her help this person pick up their things a teacher gave her a ticket for her good deed. After getting the ticket she filled out the back of the ticket with her first and last name and then at lunch she put her ticket in our grade level box. By doing this, she now has the chance to win a prize when they pull a ticket out of the box on Friday. Even if she doesn’t get picked this time, she will still have a chance next Friday because they keep all of the tickets in the box that were already there when they pulled tickets. When she got the ticket my friend was happy and felt very proud of herself. I have also noticed her doing good deeds more often now in hopes of getting another positive student rewards ticket. Positive student rewards should be used in more schools because it’s a great way to get students to start doing positive things.

Articles in "BMS News from BMS Students" are contributed by students in our Communications classes.
Bowling Club

Parents, the staff at Magic City Fast Lanes is working with us to provide a Bowling Club opportunity for our students at BMS. If your child is interested in bowling every Tuesday from 3-4 PM, the cost will be $5 per week. If there is enough students interest from the club bowling afternoons, a BMS bowling team may be formed. This is a great way for your child to have fun after school!
Spirit Week
Sponsored by the BMS PTSA. The cost is $1 to participate for the week. Students pay their homeroom teacher on Monday and the $1 will cover them for the week.
Yearbook Advertisements

The yearbook staff is currently selling advertisements for the 2014-2015 BMS Yearbook. Click here for a printable order form.
Kidscripts comes to BMS

Barberton Middle School fifth graders had the opportunity to meet with Mr. O'Connell from the Magical Theatre Company as we kicked off a writing rally in preparation for our Kidscript program this year. All fifth graders learned about the important parts of a story, as well as fun ways to ensure a story is creative and an original piece of writing. 

Our fifth graders will be writing a two to three page story that will be submitted to their language arts teacher. Of all the stories submitted, fifty will be sent to the staff at Magical Theatre Company to read and enjoy. They will then choose 2 to 3 stories to turn into plays that will be acted out this spring for all our students to enjoy. We are excited about this program and the many important skills our students learn while participating in Kidscripts.
2014-15 Barberton City Schools Quality Profile
Click here for the 2014-15 Barberton City Schools Quality Profile 
Summer /Back to School 2014 Information

Click Read More for the Summer /Back to School 2014 Information links that were previously displayed on the district webpage.
Breakfast Awareness
Studies indicate students who eat breakfast are more alert and attentive. They are less likely to cause discipline problems; they perform better in the classroom and on tests, and are less likely to complain of headaches and stomachaches.

The school breakfast program guarantees that your child gets a nutritious morning meal. Recognizing how important for students to have a nutritious breakfast, Barberton City Schools Food Service Department offers breakfast daily in all schools.
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