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The JYC Club meeting at Barberton Middle School will be discontinued effective December 16, 2014. The program will be back in October 2015.
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By Kaleb Gilmore

A cool thing we did in science class at BMS was dissect owl pellets. Mrs. Manocchio said, “We did a lot of activities with the owl pellets.We had a paper with the owl pellets on them. We had to look inside the pellets to find out what animal the owl ate. We had a packet with the certain prey that the owl would eat”.

It was cool doing owl pellets! We had to try to identify what animal it ate and my owl ate a bird, which I thought was very interesting. Mrs.Manocchio also said, “We had to match up the bones to the animal that the owl ate. We also watched a video that showed an owl throwing up an owl pellet.” I also thought dissecting owl pellets was cool because we had to make owl posters that go with the owl pellet assignment. I know that kids are going to like what Mrs Manochio is going to do with them in science class because dissecting owl pellets is a lot of fun!

An owl pellet is brown and furry with a lot of bones inside it. Owl pellets smell very nasty. Owl pellets are very hard because they are very dry. An owl pellet makes you want to throw up at first but when you get used to it, it does not seem as nasty.
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2014-15 Barberton City Schools Quality Profile
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Breakfast Awareness
Studies indicate students who eat breakfast are more alert and attentive. They are less likely to cause discipline problems; they perform better in the classroom and on tests, and are less likely to complain of headaches and stomachaches.

The school breakfast program guarantees that your child gets a nutritious morning meal. Recognizing how important for students to have a nutritious breakfast, Barberton City Schools Food Service Department offers breakfast daily in all schools.
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