Office of the Superintendent

Office of the Superintendent

Office of the Superintendent
Barberton City Schools
479 Norton Avenue
Barberton, Ohio 44203 

Mr. Jeffrey Ramnytz
Phone: (330) 753-1025
Fax Line: (330) 848-0884
Mrs. Kelly Garrett
Administrative Assistant, Superintendent
Phone: (330) 753-1025 ext 13124
Fax Line: (330) 848-0884

Superintendent's Message

September 2017

Superintendent Ramnytz - 4 Bullet Points

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Roger Staubach

·    Great Start - Staff, students, parents and The Barberton Community, I want to thank all of you for a great start to the school year. This year the Board of Education is very excited to offer bussing at the high school level, foreign language at the elementary level, The Barberton Pre-School, and the Barberton Early College. Barberton also has a nice offering of extracurricular activities and clubs to reach each child’s interests. The staff and administrators here at Barberton would like you to encourage your children to get involved. Have them take advantage of all the opportunities that the Barberton City School District has to offer. Many times it’s those extra opportunities in school that spark interests that could lead to a great career and a great life for your child. We will continue as a district to look at needed programing that will best serve our students and parents.

·    The Three E’s Enrollment, Employment and Enlistment - Our goal in the Barberton City School District is to have our students on one of these pathways(Enrollment in college or trade school, Employed and/or Enlisted in the Armed Forces) by the time they walk across the stage their senior year. What everyone needs to understand is that this pathway begins the moment they first step foot into a school in the district, and that each year builds upon the last year. Not only are we teaching academic subjects but we are teaching students how to get along with others, how to work in groups, how to set goals and take steps to meet those goals, how to work through adversity, how to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, and an emphasis on work ethic and attendance. These are all skills needed to be successful no matter what pathway they choose. Along with providing as many opportunities through their K-12 now PreK-12 school experience, the Barberton City Schools offers a professional supportive staff that will go above and beyond to serve every child. This is why you will continue to hear me tell you that the school parent partnership is so important to your child’s success. If they are getting the same message at home and school, the chances of their success will greatly increase.

·    Bullying - After having multiple conversations and listening to our students and parents this summer it became clear that bullying is on the hearts and minds of many parents and members of our community. After discussing this feedback with the administrators in the buildings, we want you to know that we will not tolerate bullying of any type (physical, written, verbal or electronic). As a district we have a plan for how to work together to deal with bullying. The key to putting a stop to bullying is the immediate reporting of any incident to staff and principals.

As a district we take this very seriously and will investigate every bullying report. Every, single, one. If we do not know about the bullying, there is nothing we can do. We encourage students to let us know immediately, and for parents to call us. Please understand that every investigation does not result in discipline based on the bullying policy. Many times each individual involved committed an infraction. This would be considered a peer dispute and handled appropriately to address the behavior of everyone involved. If it is found that there in fact is bullying taking place (frequent, one sided harassment), it will be addressed with everything in our power within the bounds of the Barberton Code of Student Conduct and discipline, which is quite thorough and reviewed regularly.

Barberton is a great community and we promote a safe welcoming family atmosphere in the schools for every student and family. We encourage our students to be respectful to each other and to lookout for each other. Parents in order to achieve this, we are asking for your help. Please continue to encourage your children to treat everyone with respect and to report to us if bullying is taking place immediately. We want to help, and we can help. The safety of every child is vital to their ability to learn, which is why it is our top priority. We have a new online bullying reporting system and a new anti-bullying slogan- “WE DON’T DO THAT HERE”!

·    ROI-Return on Investment- “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile”, Roger Staubach

Success is not measured by a test score one received in school but by the impact an individual has on society/community after they walk across the stage. After being in Barberton for eleven years and meeting many alumni from local service organizations, the Academic Hall of Fame, The Sports Hall of Fame, and on the Alumni Profile, Barberton has a multitude of very impressive contributors to society. Some are from past years and some from recent years. They are extraordinary people from a hard working town with great tradition that have accomplished great things in their life. They contribute to the community and society on a daily basis. They have gone the extra mile and are role models to be emulated. We want our students to see these role models and to know with perseverance, work ethic and a little magic they too will have great lives and an impact on society no matter what path they choose. What we accomplish every day in the schools is making a difference in many lives and is yielding a return on investment. OC Barber was a very impressive person in his own right and would be proud of the people in the town in which he once resided, and developed.

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